WakeYou’re spinning, the wind is blowing your hair back … it’s the falling dream again. A moment before you face-plant into the ground, you see a classroom fade into your view. One of your peers is waking up. This is what Jane Hannagan goes through whenever she’s in the range of a fellow classmate who begins to drift off to sleep. Of course she can’t help herself. It’s just that she gets sucked into peoples’ dreams. One day she finds herself in a creepy nightmare – a man with blades for hands. Will she find out who’s having these awful dreams? Or will reality catch up to her first, with her mom’s drinking problem, her best friend’s bad influences, and a boyfriend who could quite possibly be dealing drugs. Will the madness ever end?

This book was great! The author’s point of view and style of writing felt totally different than in Lisa McMann’s other thrill-filled mystery, Cruel Cross. The whole trilogy of the Wake series sounds interesting. I loved how McMann divides each chapter by the dates, rather from first person point of view to its third person point of view. I really loved this book. You won’t have to tell me twice to read the next book in this wonderful series!  [Rocky 158]

Cryer’s Cross

Cryer's CrossFix the trash can so the dent is facing just the right way. Align the dry markers for the eraseboard in a row, ROY G BIV order of course! Straighten the curtains just right. Adjust the desks so there are six at each quadrant. This is Kendall Fletcher’s (a senior girl with OCD) morning routine. Nico, her boyfriend, always sits comfortingly next to her. Nico starts acting weird and disappears just like Tiffany Quinn. On top of all this, Kendall is stressed because soccer is canceled and she worries about not getting into her dream college. All is better when Kendall sits at Nico’s desk. She hears his sweet voice beckon,”Come to Cryer’s Pass.”

This book is filled with horror, suspense, adventure, and drama. Anyone would easily love this book. It made me bite my fingers to little nubs from all the tension. It almost made me cry at the end. Lisa McMann’s style of writing is awesome. I highly recommend that you read all of her books – especially this one!  [rocky158]