Daniel X, Alien Hunter

Daniel X, Alien HunterA teenager has the power to create whatever he wants. And in this book he faces #7, an alien that is made out of ants. He also meets really cool friends during his journey.  My favorite scene is when Daniel X defeats #7 alien. My favorite character is, of course, Daniel X, and that is because of the way Daniel X cared about people and was so determined to defeat #7.  [mysteryman221]

Also check out Daniel X manga!

The Angel Experiment

The Angel ExperimentA little girl is kidnapped by creatures called Erasers (half man, half wolf). Her foster brothers take a journey to save their sister before they turn her into a bird.  My favorite character is Max. For a girl, she is very strong and athletic. This book will blow your head off! It connects to the book Twilight – the two characters fight for love and their lives. This book is written in first person (Max). I got surprised when Angel was kidnapped. I could actually see in my head how aggressively they grabbed her.  [E 70]

Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

Fang: A Maximum Ride NovelMax finally has her family and is doing her mission to save the world. They meet a new hybrid named Dylan.  Evil MAD, the scientist, and Angel go to the dark side. The scientist is doing an experiment on Fang and something goes wrong.  Does Fang make it?

I think it was a cool story. It did not have that much action, but a whole lot of drama! The mood has suspense and romance. The ending surprised me.   [Bitterblue]

School’s Out – Forever

maximumride2_110This is the actiony sequel to Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.  Max and the rest of the flock find themselves living with an adult and going to school!  If you read the first book, you know that this is not Max’s first choice of a living style.  This happens after Fang gets injured by an Eraser!!

I loved this book!!  I didn’t want to put it down!!  I’m not much of a reader, but I have to say, this book was written in such a manner that you have to keep reading!  [miss talkative]

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

maximumride3_110Max is no ordinary 14-year-old girl.  For one, she, along with 5 other kids, were created in a lab to save the world.  So having wings can only help, right?  Well, that’s partially true, except that this means the lab the kids escaped from are constantly tracking them down to capture them again.  It doesn’t help that she’s basically homeless, either.  One day she comes back from scouting for a home to find her flock completely gone.  All except for Fang, that is.  Now it’s her job to get them back.

This book is a page turner.  It has problem after problem.  It’s really exciting and of course has romance!  [The SpaceCowboy]